About Amped Up
About Amped Up and Eman Rimawi
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Eman Rimawi, old suffered from lupus and a blood clotting disorder since 2001. In early 2014, after 11 surgeries and 8 months of hospitalization, she lost both her legs (including one knee). This experience humbled her tremendously and despite feeling depression and self-doubt, as many of us do in times of extreme stress, she joined a leadership and life development workshop to aid her in believing in herself again. A requirement of the workshop was to create a community project. Considering her years of education and organizing experience, Eman immediately jumped into action and began embarking on a brand new adventure ultimately resulting in the creation of AMPed Up - a FASHIONABLE clothing line for and by amputees.

Over time Eman had realized that one of the hurdles in her adventure was simply… getting dressed. This was especially difficult for above knee and hip amputees like herself. The difficulty lay in her having to put her prosthetic leg into her pants first, before even stepping into the prosthetic leg itself and fastening the pants at the waist. This lead her to design unique pants that make it easier for herself, amputees and disabled folks in general in getting dressed. The pants are especially designed so that you can put them on without having to take your prosthetics off. You can actually pull the pants up over your prosthetic legs with ease, fasten them at the waste, close the sides in on each other, and you’re done.

These clothes are designed to wear anywhere and on any occasion. They are jeans, suit pants, dress pants, and more. Eman is a strong believer that amputees and disabled folks shouldn’t be limited to just leggings and shorts.

Eman says, “I didn’t just design these clothes for myself. I wanted to change the community. I want to improve everyone’s quality of life in getting dressed. This clothing line isn’t just about me, it’s about everyone. We’ve dealt with enough losing our limbs, there’s no reason why we still shouldn’t look FABULOUS!”

Fashion shows
Here are some videos from our fashion shows. Enjoy!
Our clothes
We finally have t-shirts. 

Women's and men's, S- 2XL

Alterations of existing pants are $10 and up

New pants are $20 and up